My Latest Book- The Molley Files: A Girl’s Perception of the World

Hello, and welcome to my blog!

First of all, I’m so happy about opening this blog up so everyone can read about my latest adventures, and my latest work as well.

So, let us begin with how I brainstormed and how I developed my latest book, The Molley Files: A Girl’s Perception on the World. 

So, before this book, I had finished multiple books. In fact, they were all stored on this old Microsoft computer my mom had kept for us kids in the guest room. Most of those had been finished before I finished middle school, but I never really made a move to publish. Unfortunately, because I didn’t make an effort to publish, I lost my best works when my mom gave the computer away. It was a very, VERY, sad day.

Ever since then, I would write books, but I could never finish them either because I lost interest in the plots of my books, or my plots would have such large holes in them that I could never recover. So, I always started from scratch, determined to at least finish one book.

Then, The Molley Files, was born.

So this book is written in the form of one of the most fascinating genres in literature; poetry. Poetry has always been a favorite type of literature for me, and even at a young age, I wrote it pretty well, if I should say so myself. Before this, I had written a children’s book for a yearlong project I had to complete during my senior year, but after publishing copies, I never put it on the shelf for reasons I could not explain to you. However, besides that book, I never endeavored in poetry for a published book.

I got the idea for this one during quite an emotional roller coaster in my life. I was in my first semester of college. I was stressed out, gaining my freshman 15, and looking for an outlet. After studying for five hours for my sociology final, I laid back on my bed at about three in the morning and started reflecting on my life. There has been so much going on, I had not had time for myself. The semester was coming to a close, and between studying, hanging out with my friends, spending time with my boyfriend, and crying from stress, (kidding, even though I might not be kidding), I had no idea how I could release all of this negative energy. I started missing high school, even though I swore to myself that I would never miss it. Then I remembered memories, both crappy and wonderful, from my high school years. I remembered the heartbreak I had found, the friends I had made, the love and relationships that grew in my life, and the pain and sorrow of losing people or opportunities in my life.

What if I had gone on a different path? What if I had journeyed to a different destination in my life? What if things ended differently for me?

And so I realized that was the greatest book idea of all time. Well, for my writing, anyways.

Molley Spade is a character who goes through extreme pain throughout her high school years. Her parents were divorced when she was about to become a teenager, leading to an odd relationship that her parents have with each other. The reader digs deep into the realtionships she has, her pain, her emotions, and her experiences in life. She, like me, is a writer in this book, and we see some of the poems she writes in her “poem diary”.

I’m not going to lie, some experiences in the book are either based off of life experiences of my own, or others who I have met in my life. Some are heartbreaking, some are bittersweet, and some made me smile as I typed them out on my word document for TMF.

Hopefully I will be able to share excerpts from TMF soon, within the next few posts, but until further development, I promise I won’t keep you waiting long.



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