Em’s Dailies #1: New Year’s “Aspirations”

Like my writing blogs that I will write every Wednesday, I will post Em’s Dailies every Thursday. Em’s Dailies, which is my “sub-category” for my blog, is just a collection of blog posts that I will write about not only my progress in writing The Molley Files, (if you have no idea about this, go look at my last blog post), but I will write different stories, write about my different interests, and maybe give advice to followers of my blog and answer questions along the way.

Perhaps since it is a good time to do the topic for today’s daily, and since it is the first of the year, I could give my new year’s resolutions, which readers should honestly take this with a grain of salt because I am not great at keeping my word on resolutions. So let’s just rephrase the word “resolutions” and just go with the word “aspirations”.

So let us begin, *clears throat*

  1. Publish My Book

Clearly this is a huge goal for me. I want to at least finish everything up with my book by April or May, including the editing and publishing. Editing is a long process because first I read back over my poems and words, only to be extra critical about my mistakes, and go back and change any incorrect grammar, move around any poems that are in need to be rearranged, and replace words for better ones. Then, after I’m done with my part of it, I need to find a publisher (most likely I will publish online first, before making hard copies of TMF). Even then I have to find an editor so that I can have someone double-check and make changes where they are needed. Then, of course, the publishing process. However, the publishing of this book is one of my top priorities this year.

2. Exceed in My Studies

During my last semester, I got very distracted with events going on around me and I basically did not study the entire semester. I did pass my classes, but because of my lack of studies, my grades were not where they needed to be. It is important for me to rise to the occasion and study harder, and earn some A’s and B’s to make up for my low GPA this semester. Plus, knowledge is the key to understanding the world around me.

3. Strengthen Relationships That I have with Others

This is also a huge deal for me. As a girl who is commuting in her first year of college, it is difficult to make friends and hang out with the ones that live on campus. I live an hour away from campus, and seeing my friends most of the time requires me to drive all the way there or meet them halfway, which even then is a lot of gas, a lot of time, and a lot of money. Overall, I need to find a balance with my friends and getting to know them better, regardless of the distance I drive to get to  school everyday.

And of course, there are romantic relationships involved as well. My boyfriend and I have just reached our one year anniversary, which for me is incredible. Before this relationship, the previous ones did not last longer than from 1 to 3 months, and after those it took me forever to be prepared to date again. I found a best friend in my boyfriend, as we are extremely close and can confide in each other in everything. I intend on keeping it that way, so my goal here is to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with my boyfriend.

Meanwhile, I did mention I commuted to school. That means I live with my family. I’m just saying, but they get on my nerves sometimes, which makes me irritable and we get at each other’s throats at times. I get tired of that too. I just want us to reach an understanding where we can just talk things out and resolve issues we might have.

4. Create New Relationships with New People

I love meeting new people. I have always had this journalist personality where I am interested in people’s interests, their passions, their background stories. It is what makes people so unique and special. I enjoy having conversations with strangers I might meet at my job or with someone I might run into at the store. I was sitting at the DMV the other day and an older lady sat across from me, filling out a form. She started the conversation first, but when she did, we talked about our jobs, my education, and the main reason we were there at the DMV in the first place. I missed my number being called because I was so interested in the conversation.

Anyways, I want to create new relationships with others because I want my circle of friends to grow, because being around others makes me happy, and I want to make others happy as well. It is most likely why I chose to go to college to be a teacher, so I can help people and create relationships with students that I will have as a teacher.

5. Earn Money and Work Harder

I work a lot, up to 4 days a week, and earn money to make up for expenses I have for college. However, I have blown a lot of cash in the past year, and I am absolutely sick of going out of the house and not being sure if I have enough money to put in my gas tank to take me to a destination. I need to manage my saving skills, and manage my money better. I also need to learn that I shouldn’t go out to eat as much, as well as spend money on clothes, coffee, and useless materials. I also need to work on balancing my job and my studies, so that I can work hard and study harder to get through college, so I can have a job that doesn’t pay barely above minimum wage.

6. Find happiness

As cliché as this sounds, I have discovered a trait that I have. Over the course of the past year, I have bent over backwards, stretched my body out, stressed myself out, and put aside my own self just for the sake of others. It is not a bad trait to have, because it shows how much I truly care about people. However, because I looked out so much for other people, I have forgotten how to look out for myself. I can’t do it anymore, not this year. This year is for me to renovate myself, refresh my mind, and rejuvenate the passions, interests, hobbies, and goals I put out for myself, rather than to drop everything for other people that I know would never ever do the same for me. I need to find my true happiness


Overall, I want to make myself a better person this year, and have a light show through me to others this year. I just want to look back on myself at the end of 2017 and realize, “Wow, I got so much accomplished this year, and I am proud to look in the mirror and realize how much I can do”.  To every New Year’s Aspiration, there is hope in it, and there is a chance of success this year, if I just put the right amount of confidence in myself and let myself grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.


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