The Progress I Have Made

First of all, I apologize for being a day late on posting this. Between starting this new semester in college and juggling work, I’ve been kept on my toes all week. I’m basically running off of herbal tea for stress relief at the moment, but at least I have word on the progress I am making on The Molley Files. 

Despite the busy life around me, I have been able to write 30 pages of poems for TMF, which is good progress. But not good enough. My goal is to surpass at least 100 pages for this book, which means there will be at least 95 or more poems talking about the perception of a broken girl by the name of Molley. I have quite a few poems that are my own personal favorites in this book, and I cannot wait to share them with you all soon.

I have found that I need to indulge in my imagination more and more as I continue to write. As a writer, I advise that anyone who writes need to search deep in their thoughts for ideas, because limited mindsets do not really get you far when it comes to writing books. This is a personal experience for me, of course. I constantly get writer’s block because I can have such a limited mindset on subjects that are written about. It is a curse that everyone gets, whether they are writing a book, or writing essays for school, or even writing a to-do list. We all get stuck on details that we either can’t remember or discourage ourselves from writing down. I am also EXTREMELY critical of my own writing, which helps nothing. I always end up pressing the backspace button when writing because I am convinced that if one poem is terrible, that one little poem makes the entire book terrible. So, back to the drawing boards I go.

Anyways, I believe that I will share a poem in the next post for next Wednesday, and show you how I started writing it, how it was inspired, and the technique I tied into writing the poem. For now, I’m going to make some more of that stress relief herbal tea.





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