A Little Brainstorming and a Cup of Coffee

I’m pretty wired as I write this blog post because of an A M A Z I N G Smoked Butterscotch coffee from Starbucks, so here it goes. I apologize for my sporadic sentences and my scattered explanation on how exactly do I come up with the poems that I have written so far for The Molley Files.

As I sit down to write, I always turn on some good music and keep some food, both for the tummy and the thought, nearby. For my format, I usually make notes about my theme for the poem, as well as throwing out some random words on the notebook paper in hopes that they would rhyme. It may sound a little disorganized, but sometimes in order to organize my thoughts, I have to clutter them together and then work them as a puzzle. It’s different for everyone, of course, but it works for me.

The next sequence to my brainstorming rests upon one question. How does this poem relate me both me and my readers?

Many of the situations that are involved in this book are based on my own and many other experiences that my closest friends and family have been involved in. While it is a good practice to write outside of the box, it is good to stick with details that you know about. That way you can accurately write out each poem with the correct amount of symbolism in it without worrying about flaws that may appear.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO CLARIFY YOUR THOUGHTS WITH YOUR READERS. For some, poetry is a very difficult genre to understand, and I do not blame people for that. Currently I am in a British Literature course at school, and today we were reading over a poem by William Wordsworth, titled, “A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal”. I was utterly confused the whole time I was reading it. It was complicated and the words were written in old language from the 17th century and I was totally lost. Thankfully my professor was able to help me, but it was complicated. Anyways, poems can cause readers to get confused very easily, because there is so much personification and symbolism tied in to this intricate genre of literature. So, whenever I write, I make sure that my poems can be easy to comprehend, while being able to have emotional impact.

Meanwhile, my progress on my book has been very successful. I am up to forty five poems now, which is a positive result to add on my thirty other poems. I know that I said I would share one of my poems with you all, but I believe I’ll be posting that next wednesday with pride and excitement. Thank you all for following my blog so far.





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