Moonbeams and Starry Nights

Moonbeams and Starry Nights


I can see the brightness of the moonbeams,

And the gaze of the starry nights,

I feel the smiles of every flower,

Disappearing as they close up until dawn’s light,

It is all a blur, as the sky changed colors,

Pink, blue, red, yellow, green, black,

The sun yawned and went to bed tonight,

Along with every sunflower, daisy and lilac,

I can taste the dew of the morning that is coming,
As my mind wanders into marvelous bliss,

Of moonbeams and starry nights,

As I feel the sun’s goodnight kiss


Well, after weeks of promising a sample of my book, I finally got around to finding a poem that I was sure everyone who read this post would enjoy. I wrote this poem a while back, when I first started writing The Molley Files. I wrote this poem from what I usually see every single night; a sunset.

I live on a not so crowded countryside, and every morning I get to see some extravagant sunrises, and then I see the sunsets that are just as magnificent. I actually had a little recitation of this poem as I was driving home one night, and right when I got home, I wrote “Moonbeams and Starry Nights”.

Now, remember that poetry is freely interpreted by the reader, and even though I wrote this poem, it does not mean that my interpretation has to be the same as anyone else’s, and vice versa. As I wrote this poem, I remembered Molley Spade’s story, and I found this poem very symbolic for her life story. This character had a dark life story, and I felt that this poem showed how her life had plenty of sunsets, meaning that things would go dark fairly quickly. For example, “I feel the smiles of every flower/ disappearing as they close up until dawn’s light“, perhaps led to a conclusion that all smiles were disappearing, meaning that no one smiled during dark times. But, behind every dusk, dawn’s light is coming.

The rhyme scheme was rather simple in this poem, a simple ABCB formation. I’m very simple with most rhyme schemes in my poems, and even sometimes I attempt freestyle poems and don’t even tie in rhyme scheme at all. I shake it up a little each time I write, because changes in tone and rhythm in each poem keeps readers interesting, which I found that out because I have a very short attention span, so “monotone” writing never keeps my interest.

Anyways, I hope that you all enjoy my poem, and I am dying to share more in the coming future. Unfortunately it was a down week for my writing and myself, since I have been finding myself stretched with responsibilities and schoolwork. no worries though, because I’ll be back at it next week!



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