Em’s Dailies #4: So Here’s What I’m Thinking

“Everyone is different”. We hear that phrase every single day, and it is so drilled in our brains that it is written in concrete in our society. However, even though we encounter that phrase every day, we always forget. We forget that everyone is different and unique. We forget that we were all raised on different beliefs. We forget that we build our lives on different morals. We forget that we balance out different values on different scales. We even forget that we have different tastes in food, music, clothes, and culture. We even forget that everyone lives, loves, and looks at the world differently.

So here is what I am thinking.

I have encountered many different types of people in my time. I’ve met others who had different beliefs than I have, and even though I do not believe the same belief, I do learn about what they value and how important it is to respect what they believe, rather than to just hate on it because it is different from what I believe. I have met people who had more or fewer morals than I do, but even so we compare and contrast our morals and I never object or argue over their point of views, for I am a very open-minded individual who seeks knowledge and observes all sorts of lifestyles. I find that the stranger the person’s lifestyle is to me, the more it captures my attention and the more I want to understand how they see the world through their eyes.

Even the people we love can have different mindsets about life, and you know what? That is okay. We grow to love the differences. We grow as people when we learn to grow to love differences.

Why do I write on such a topic that everyone knows, but everyone forgets? Through learning this concept on life, I have grown to have my own individuality. I have taken all the lessons I have learned in life, decided on my own list of morals, and even opened my mind up for new ideas, and I can say that the person I am today is better than the person yesterday. I can look in the mirror and be proud of what is looking back. I have learned to love more, judge less, and live.


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