My Disappearance (Sorry Guys)

Hello, I am back and ready to get back to working on The Molley Files for everyone. These past two weeks have been very hectic, and most of last week had me stuck in bed, blowing into tissues, and feeling like someone hit my head with a baseball bat. So writing was not an option for last week, nor this week because I was doubling up on any work and school that I missed out on. So I do apologize for disappearing.

Since I have no material to share, nor progression in my work, I want to discuss what has been going on in my life lately, since so much of life has been keeping me away from my book and all my readers on this blog. I have been making plenty of decisions that could change the direction that I am taking in life, and as I promised myself at the beginning of this year and in my previous post, I am putting myself first. I hope to update more on the details behind this later, but now I am still in the process of making these decisions.

For now, I am sitting back and letting things unfold before I take any actions. I will back next week with progress and I am going to sit myself down and catch up on all of my poems that have not been written yet. I may have not been in front of the computer, but I have been brainstorming on what is next for our character, Molley Spade. My goal is to at least add twenty more poems into the book between now and next week, when I will log back on and report my progress.

Now I’m going to zone back in to my history lecture while I drink the coffee that is going to keep me from falling asleep in this class… Hopefully…



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