Let’s Catch Up

Okay, now that I have my life somewhat together, I have my priorities straight, and that I currently have a smoked butterscotch latte with whip and cinnamon in order, let’s catch up. I’ve been working so hard on the new material for my book, and we began to see specific details on the life of Molley Spade. I found out two details about myself and my writing this week

1)I find that writing deep poetry with screamo music in play is a dangerous, but productive, combination

2) I find that my poetry gets better and better as I continue to write for this book.

I am so excited about the work I have made. I stuck to my word and doubled up on my work and I feel the finish line growing closer as I speak. It is so refreshing to write these days, since I feel the dreaded trudge of everyday life getting to me. I find my escape through this book, and I grow more and more excited to add as much poetry as possible.

Meanwhile, I feel like when I write, I reflect on how much I have grown as a person. I find that my everyday life required me to grow up in a major way, and very quickly, I might add. It’s okay though. Remembering what I used to be like, I needed to grow up. So my new year’s aspirations are working out for me so far.

Well, for now I’m going to write some more, finish my coffee, and listen to music. Tune in tomorrow for Em’s Dailies #7!!


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