Progress and Em’s Dailies Collab (SORRY)

So. Once again. I. FORGOT. TO. WRITE. IN. MY. BLOG.

But it’s fine. This means that I just need to do both my writing blog and my Em’s Dailies in one blog post. So here we go.

So, I have been writing in my book. It is looking to be a great piece of work so far, which is great news. I’ve been finding that most of my written work revolve around the hypocrisy of the meaning of life recently. I don’t know why I have joined such an activist moment lately, but there is always that time in your life where you question what you have been taught. It makes for fantastic writing material. Overall, I’m super proud of the work that has been put in thus far.

Em’s Daily time. I’m about to go get some coffee with my friend, and I suppose I should share what type of coffee I like in particular. First of all, I do not think black coffee is disgusting. I am picky on where it comes from, however. I don’t know why, but I hate black coffee from Starbucks, but I enjoy it from this small coffee place that is on campus where I go to school. Odd, isn’t it. Anyways, I enjoy a good mocha latte. As in, where you can taste the chocolate in it. I am a freak about chocolate, (you can ask anyone who knows me). Anyways, so I also enjoy a caramel frappichino every once in a while, when my inner white girl comes out. But overall, I like hot coffee way better. The returning smoked butterscotch with cinnamon duche is my top favorite recently. Also, I enjoy a great peppermint mocha over the holidays. All of those coffees MUST have whipped cream.

So that is my blog post for the week. Once again, I apologize greatly for posting late again. I will update you with a new poem in my next post! Hope to write to you then




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