The Progress I Made Thus Far (The Life Fallacy)

So, good news everybody. I HAVE MADE MORE PROGRESS.

Not only have I made more progress, but in today’s post, I am sharing a poem from The Molley Files, and explaining the detail behind this poem. I wrote this poem because of the pure inspiration of the corruption in today’s society. Alas, as I wrote this poem, I realize how accurate this poem was, and it almost made my blood boil, in all honesty.


The Life Fallacy

We were born in a world of turning wheels,

Of machines that never stop,

Of promises that were underhanded deals,

And of a fallacy of making it to the top,

We were introduced to a society,

A contract of expected conditions and behaviors,

So shut your mouth about your anxiety,

And I wouldn’t worry about finding your savior,

I may sound harsh, so let me sugarcoat it,

With a dream I like to call the life fallacy,

The life fallacy requires you to commit,

But it has a easy terms and conditions policy,

You are born, you go to school,

You grow up and you learn about the world around you,

But you must abide by the rules,

And you must choose the route in life you must go,

Oh, but I choose the route for you,

And you must pay your taxes,

You must believe, like we do,

That the sky is blue, and that you can never relax,

We want to see how far you can go before passing out,

We want you to struggle in order to succeed, well, somewhat succeed,

So come on, choose your route,

However, you must take heed,

You cannot go out of line, and be yourself,

We are the critic of who you really are,

We choose what you wear, how you feel,

You have to be wealthy, you have to have a nice car,

If you’re a virgin, you are a prude,

If you’re not, sorry, you’re just a slut and we have to judge

How you wear that crop top, and you’ll get pregnant, we conclude,

See, if you weigh more than two hundred, you’re disgusting,

If you are thin and skinny, you should eat more, you’re unhealthy,

It may take a little adjusting,

But the Life Fallacy fits plenty,

That is, if you’re not “fat”,

Or “emo” or a “slut”

Or if you believe that the world is flat,

Or if you have a short haircut,

And god forbid if you are a lover of the same sex,

If we found out that you’re a christian or atheist,

The life fallacy will be vexed,

And we judge on which religions sound the craziest,

Welcome to the real world,

It will be fun, wait and see,

But the truth is, we will watch you burn,

But that is a secret between you and me


Everywhere I look these days, social media has a handle on today’s youth, which can be a good and bad thing. Social media has been a outlet for others to keep connected, make new friends, and follow trends. Unfortunately, it seems that social media has taken over our world, making us forget that people actually have souls.

Let me explain what I just said. We forget that there is someone on the other side of that screen watching out every single post, our comments, our likes, and even our Snapchat stories. We forget that people do get offended by the things we do and the words we say, which in my opinion, it depends on the situation with that. But we must be weary of our audiences. Anyways, this poem doesn’t necessarily talk about just social media, but I fear that the trends that people set on social media threaten not only the minorities, but people as a whole. It makes us not feel comfortable in our own skin. I decided to make the speaker use the diction and tone of what could be a salesman or a politician. This salesman or politician is selling a certain idea that we must confide to a certain policy I named “The Life Fallacy”. The Life Fallacy is these rules that we must follow trends and not stick out, meaning that anyone who did not fit the standards that trends set.

As I wrote all of these lines down, I found that there is a level of “perfection” in society that must be reached, which is very hard. I can easily say that for myself. I am a curvy 19-year-old girl who is socially awkward and can’t twerk and am trying to find my way through life. However, in my younger years, I was very vulnerable, like every teenager, to my peers and what they thought. But now, pardon my French, I just don’t give a fuck.

My point in this poem is that our society is crippled by the idea that we must be like everyone else, and anyone who is not like us is against us. THAT IS NOT TRUE. WE ARE ALL PEOPLE. THE END.

Well, I think I have had my fill as a role of being a social justice warrior for tonight. I just felt like this was a ginormous issue for this generation, so I wrote about it. Anyways, I’ll be back tomorrow with Em’s Dailies. For now, I have exactly eight hours before I have to get up for work and it’s time to get some shuteye. Good night, everyone!




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